Don’t Quit Your MLM Company!!

It seems as if this might be easier said than done, but in Network Marketing, it is the truth. Just keep plugging ahead. I heard a story on a webinar by no other than Ray Higdon himself, top income earner in his company and renowned Network Marketing trainer, he spoke of a gentleman who actually prospected his bankruptcy attorney. Ballsy, right?

How many of you have thought against prospecting a friend or family member because you felt that you weren’t ranked high enough in your company or that you weren’t making enough money as yet as proof that your capable of making millions in your company?

Well, this guy was actually at his bankruptcy hearing, which was a clear indication that he wasn’t making any money.

Of course, his Lawyer passed on the offer, only to receive a call about ten years later inviting him to a meeting. He chuckled to himself thinking, wow, this guy is still at it, when will he get it.

The Lawyer, however, went to the meeting and brought a friend along. Upon arriving at the event he looked around for his former client but didn’t see him. A few moments later, he heard his former client’s name being announced over the intercom as the company’s highest income earner at over $300,000 per MONTH.

Yes, you read that correctly!

How astonished was the Lawyer, he couldn’t believe.

Think for a minute, if the gentleman had quit at some point over the last ten years.

It is not an easy path in Network Marketing, but if you were to stay in your full time job for the next ten years, how much would you be able to raise your monthly income to?

What is the average pay increase in your job today?

Within Network Marketing, if you put in the work and remain coachable, you have the potential to increase your monthly income by thousands, Residually, JUST DON”T QUIT!!